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Hello worlds! January 12, 2009

Posted by CosmicThespian in Personal.

Does the world really need another astronomy blog?


Welcome to innumerable worlds.  This is my experiment with blogging and I’m not really sure how it will end up.  I may get sick of it after two and a half weeks or perhaps it will come, in a years time, to dominate the blogosphere.

What is this blog and why am I creating it?  innumerable worlds is about the search for planets around other suns: how we do it, where they are, what we’re finding, and who else may be living out there.  There are many general astronomy blogs on the interwebs (my blogroll lists a few) but I’m designing this blog to explore a niche topic in-depth.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons.  First and foremost is that I love talking about astronomy with people.  This is a chance for me to connect with a much wider audience than I would normally get.  Secondly, extrasolar planets is what I do.  I’m a graduate student and my thesis research focuses on the search for planets around very young stars (a topic I will revisit in this blog at some point).  Every article on blogging tips includes somewhere in its list of do’s and don’ts: blog about what you know.  Well, this is what I know.

My vision for this blog is for it to be a gateway to current research on extrasolar planets.  I want to find a way to take all that’s going on in the field and translate it so that anyone can understand and be a part of this exciting avenue of research.  I will introduce you to the techniques astronomers use to find these worlds, keep you abreast of current and upcoming missions, invite you to visit some of the worlds we’ve discovered, talk about the possibility of life on these planets, and alert you to new discoveries.

I hope you enjoy the ride.